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Politicians: Because Math Is Hard

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A Canadian Truck driver destroys the entire EV narrative in just under two minutes: Edison trucks are doing the work. Yes, it's hybrid & not without limitations, BUT he makes very valid points that few in the EV crowd won't address. Great job @EdisonMotorsLtd ! — Red Scarf Ballz Deep Müsik (@MusicScarf) October 30, 2023 Another reason to admire Canadian truck drivers.

Addendum to Auto Costs

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My previous note on auto costs was for internal combustion engine vehicles. Electric vehicles are a whole different critter. Random fact: Ford loses about $32,000 on each EV they sell. These things, even with the subsidies, are massive cost centers for the American car industry. Think gas powered cars are expensive? That's in part because you're subsidizing Joe Biden's donors. — J.D. Vance (@JDVance1) September 15, 2023