Controlling the Bureaucracy

2 minutes read

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance. The Declaration of Independence Scott Ott led a great session over Bill Whittle today. Scott is a process guy, so it was refreshing to see him discuss how a President might manage the bureaucracy. I’m doubtful any of this will come to pass, although maybe a focused President might accomplish it as part of a first 90 day agenda.

Today's Quote: Philip Zimbardo

1 minutes read

Evil consists in intentionally behaving in ways that harm, abuse, demean, dehumanize, or destroy innocent others–or using one’s authority and systemic power to encourage and permit others to do so on your behalf.

Canadian Media Is as Ideologically Obtuse as Their American Counterparts

1 minutes read

Original: Pourquoi la gauche américaine se fracture autant sur Israël Translation: Why the American Left Is So Split on Israel They list their ideas: The Jews are rich and have a powerful pro-Israeli lobby The left is anti-colonial I’d argue, the real reason is: The secular Jewish community, largely thought it was properly collectivist in all regards, only to find out their comrades were anti-semites A few collectivists, still frown upon genocide Those explanations would fracture any one’s worldview.

Lions, Donkeys, or Something Else

9 minutes read

Most of my study on the The (First) World War has focused on the American involvement. Recently, I decided it was time to branch out. Immediately I found an issue absent in the American discussion: Lions & Donkeys, so as is my custom, I dove in. I began reading about Field Marshall Douglas Haig and ended also reading about interactions with Field Marshall John French. To date I’ve read two biographies of Haig.

Cybersecurity Funding

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TechCrunch asks the question: Why is cybersecurity venture funding so tepid despite the strong demand? Oh, well that’s easy. Everyone wants to to talk about security, no one wants to pay for it or take the difficult steps necessary. Plus Cloud providers are doing a pretty good job across the board. The only space left open is for those companies doing multi-cloud as a comprehensive solution. My guess that would be less than 3% of the market, even in the enterprise space.

Jury Duty

5 minutes read

Last week I responded to our county seat for a jury duty summons. I didn’t really try to get out of it, though I didn’t want to be there. As part of my personal process, I let all the people I work with know that I’d be out for at least one day, maybe more if I was selected. The process had both improved and worsened since the last time I did this, maybe twelve years ago?

Grace and Forgiveness?

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The effects of the lockdown on children were knowable within weeks. The effects of the vaccine was knowable at the time, had he had the intellectual curiosity to find it out. No forgiveness, until I hear concrete proposals being actively advocated for, that would prevent authoritarians “acting with imperfect information” in the future. Being weepy on the idiot box counts for exactly zero. "I was on the board of my kids' school during COVID.

Politicians: Because Math Is Hard

1 minutes read

A Canadian Truck driver destroys the entire EV narrative in just under two minutes: Edison trucks are doing the work. Yes, it's hybrid & not without limitations, BUT he makes very valid points that few in the EV crowd won't address. Great job @EdisonMotorsLtd ! — Red Scarf Ballz Deep Müsik (@MusicScarf) October 30, 2023 Another reason to admire Canadian truck drivers.

Leadership and Agreeableness

6 minutes read

I’ve read a lot of material on history, mostly American. When I was younger I tended to focus on the Civil War and World War II. Over the last decade, I’ve refocus on two other conflicts, The American Revolution and The World War (aka: The Great War or World War I). As an adult over the last twenty years, I’ve read a large number of books on The World War, with a focus on the American involvement.

House of Repeal

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Prof Reynolds used to mention the of a House of Repeal periodically. He hasn’t done that lately. My favorite Robert Heinlein book was the first time I ever heard of the idea. Comrade Members, like fire and fusion, government is a dangerous servant and a terrible master. You now have freedom - if you can keep it. But do remember that you can lose this freedom more quickly to yourselves than to any other tyrant.