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All opinions expressed on this site are my own and probably not those of my employer.

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Who is David Christian?

I grew up in the US, is now a deep red state. Back then it was purple. Today I live in a purple county that is growing redder. My state is solid purple.

I’ve worked in the IT field for 30 years. You might see posts on that on occasion, may coincidentally those of my employer or not, but really, I haven’t bothered to ask so I really don"t know. As a general rule I will post content about what is on my mind at any moment. It weill seem random, but over time you might see certain trends.

Prior to my IT work-life, I attended college and prior to even that, I served in the US Army for a bit. I received an honorable discharge.

I’m been married to the same woman for 36 years and I have two adult sons.

Until now, most of my writing has been technical in the IT field, for the last fourteen years that meant cloud computing. That makes me affiliated with Big Tech, but not employed by them.

Several years ago I found myself traveling extensively for work, plane trips are long and hotels are boring at night, so I began writing. My first inclination was to read. As a teenager and a young man I read a lot of Science Fiction. When I started what would be The Ferryman, it was was because I could find so little to read.

I’ve always enjoyed Military Science Fiction, so it seemed the place to start. I have also observed a fair amount of humanity, good and bad.

If you’ve read the Ferryman, I’d appreciate a review, good or bad on Amazon.